Health & life sciences


With the Shifting market demands, Healthcare reforms, and increasing regulatory pressures, the life sciences industry is changing on a global scale. Stakeholders demand higher quality of care, combined with reduced costs and enhanced transparency. Life science companies need to address these challenges by improving organizational efficiency and innovations.

RACS provide various solutions to enhance the organizational efficiency.


  • Atlantes Care Management Solution
  • Care Network Solutions
  • Government Healthcare BPO
  • Healthcare Portal Solution
  • Medical Management Solution
  • Printing and Workflow Solutions for Healthcare Providers
  • Customer Management for Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • MetaVance Solution
  • MetaVance automates core administrative processes for a wide spectrum of commercial healthcare payers.
  • Atlantes Care Management Solution
  • Customer Management for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Designed by clinicians, HP’s Atlantes Care Management solution allows empowers you to deliver comprehensive collaborative care management.