Sanuraj Pillai

Sales Operations Manager                                                                           Mr. Sanuraj Pillai is a passionate techie with a Bachelor of Engineering – Information Technology (2003 to 2007) and over 14 years of expertise. By providing excellent software development services and forming long-lasting, value-based with clients, he has continuously guided his passion for helping customers increase revenues. Mr. Sanuraj has used his solution-oriented approach and innate soft skills to drive innovation and client success. He is a seasoned veteran in delivering business process success.
Mr. Sanuraj has always added value by expressing his opinions as a person and a strategist with the ideal blend of technical, functional, and management talents. Mr. Sanuraj has advanced the business goals of RACS by ensuring the effectiveness of our operations, enhancing corporate performance, and using cultural insights. He does this with incisive decision-making, good judgment, and business management knowledge.

Area of Concern                                                                     Persuasiveness, Relationship building, Empathy, Time management, and Adaptability.                                                                                          Based in Ebene, Mauritius